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Premium Core Range

Welcome to our craft shop!

Jolif HQ is like a magical cave of wonders, from dazzling and sparkling glitters to gems of silver and pink! We have unicorns, mermaids and mythical creatures plenty! Bunnies that bounce and ducks that quack! Soft fabrics, smooth fabrics, fluffy and shiny...pom poms and beads and embellishments that are quite furry! From one page to another we hope we don't disappoint, there is always something new to discover depending on what you want!

One of the largest Fabric Felt and Premium Glitter suppliers in the UK who also specialise in bespoke and unique machine embroidered products all handmade by us in store!

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best quality, most unique designs and biggest variety of fabrics and haberdashery whilst providing a friendly and professional service to all of our customers. 

Please enjoy browsing our shop and we hope you find everything and more! If you don't, please contact us as we may be able to help!

Liesl & Michelle

Co-Founders of Jolif Ltd.

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