Tooth Fairy Coin Pouch - 3 embroidery designs





You will need an embroidery machine to use this file.


Tooth Fairy Coin Pouch

Contains 3 styles of tooth pouch

4 x 4 hoop – 3 files

Tooth Pouch size  2.92 x 3.06 inches  (7.42 cm x 7.76 cm)              

Available in the following formats PES, CDS, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, SHV, VIP, SEW, XXX, PCS

Total number of stitches    

Crown pouch 2514         Hair Bow pouch  2890    Bow Tie pouch 2352


This design has been created to make a pouch to allow coins to be fitted inside. We have used felt for the underside and the facing side, with the last layer over the top made with a transparent PVC material. You will receive 3 individual files for each style of pouch.

You will first stitch out the tooth shape and face. On the first STOP, you will need to place the underside material so a full outer stitch can be completed. You can at this stage, if you choose to, add some ribbon onto the inside top of the backing felt as a hanger.

On the final STOP, position your transparent PVC material over the top of your tooth and the final outer stitch will be completed, which will leave a gap at the top to allow coins to be popped inside the pouch. 



Please be aware as of this point only the PES file has been tested, if you purchase one of the other file types and have any problems please get in touch and we will try to fix it for you.



Please note that these designs are copyright

Standard Use

The buyer is allowed to create a completed finished product with the physical embroidery item included in these files to sell in their own shop, such as handmade hair bows with a purchased feltie attached, a completed bow holder, tooth pouch, item of clothing, tea-towels and so on, they can be used as many times as they like for finished products for sale.

The buyer can use these files to make a physical embroidered item for personal use as many times as they want.

By purchasing these files for standard use, the buyer is not permitted to duplicate, share, gift, loan or sell these files as this is a copyright violation.

If the buyer wishes to mass produce the physical embroidered item to sell as unfinished items as an embroidery/feltie supplier, they will need to purchase this file with the extended commercial license. 

Commercial Use

A commercial use extended license is required if the buyer wishes to sell the embroidered product from this file 'as is' as a supplier of embroidery items to other customers who will then use the embroidered item on a finished product (just as we do in our shop). This allows up to 500 items per purchase - should you require to sell more than this then please contact us.

One extended license is required for each single file purchased and allows the buyer to sell and distribute unlimited physical embroidered items from this file. It does not permit the buyer to duplicate, share, gift, loan or sell these files as this is a copyright violation. 

What is included with the extended commercial licence?

  • By selecting commercial use from the drop-down menu, the buyer is purchasing both the embroidery file and the extended license together. 
  • The buyer is permitted to make alterations, such as adding text or patterns, but the copyright of the design remains with Jolif Ltd and the buyer is not permitted to duplicate, share, gift, loan or sell the altered digital format design
  • If the buyer has already purchased the personal use digital file, and wishes to add the extended licence, this can be done on our website so the buyer does not purchase the same digital file twice. 

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