Fairy Wing Feltie Puffs - set of 4


Stitch Colour
With or without marabou puff?
We love our felties and hope you do too! Each feltie is machine embroidered by us in store using the most unique and best designs created and digitised by us or selected from carefully chosen designers and digitisers from around the world.
All of our felties are made using the best felts and fabrics and premium threads. We also like to ensure all of our felties are the perfect size for smaller crafts such as your handmade bows and hair accessories.

These felties are only available as a strip of 4 fairy wings. Use the drop down box to select if you also want the marabou puffs (they will arrive unassembled)
If you select to have marabou puffs with your wings, you will get the following colour fur:
Pink stitching - pink fur
Lilac stitching - lilac fur
Gold stitching - white fur
Baby blue stitching - baby blue fur
Red stitching - red fur