Clam Shell and Pearl Headband and Bow Holder


Now you can make your own bow and headband holder. Each holder design comes unassembled with full instructions on how to make it in our blog (it is really easy as proven by our BFF customers!)
All you will need to complete your bow and headband holder:
  • Ribbon to dangle from your bow holder
  • Hot glue 
  • Sharp Scissors
Embellish your bow and headband holder with our huge range of flowers, jewels and more! 
We  create all of our beautiful and unique felties and embroidered items in store, with the highest quality felts and fabric, and premium threads all on our amazing embroidery machine.
Our design opportunities are endless, and we will continue to add more and more to our collection!

Please note bow and ribbons are for display purposes only and can be purchased separately in our shop
A Jolif Original Design