Happy BFF Day!

(grab your next BFF on 3rd April 2020 at 8pm)

Beautiful Featured Fabrics


Here you will find everything you need to know about our super popular monthly BFF collections! Since our first edition of our BFF in March 2018, they have since proven much loved by our customers and we equally love carefully putting them together!


So, what is a BFF?

Each month, we carefully select a surprise bundle of fabrics alongside a selection of extra goodies from our beautifully machine embroidered felties made by us in store, unique vinyl transfers to hand selected embellishments. What makes our BFF so lovely, is that we use our own creativity and experience to ensure all the items work well together! So not only are you guaranteed to have a parcel of goodies which you can open up and get working with straight away, but we like to think we can help give you a little bit of inspiration with colour schemes and themes!


What will I get?

We always include as a minimum the following: 

  • 1 sheet of brand new fabric felt backed onto our premium merino wool blend felt
  • 4 full sized fabrics ranging from chunky or fine glitter, leatherette, glitter felt and felt

Each BFF will also receive a selection of additional accessories which may include anything such as:

  • Felties - usually brand new designs which have not yet made it to our shop meaning you are the first to get your hands on them!
  • Embellishments - again, usually embellishments which are not yet listed on our website (sometimes they may already be listed) but in keeping with the theme or range of colours in your BFF!
  • Iron on transfers which we designs and create in store, like with our felties!
  • Plus so many other possibilities - it just depends what we feel would be appropriate and what we think you would love


How much is the BFF?

Each month you are getting in the region of £21 worth of products. We don't want to guarantee it will remain the same price month after month, however every single one so far has been £10.


The BFF is all sold out, will you be restocking?

No, once it is gone then its gone. However, many of the products will be available to purchase individually at their full price sometime after the BFF has been launched. This is why you need to be quick when purchasing it, not only are you getting a bargain, but you are guaranteed to get your hands on some beautiful products and be the first to get them!



I'm so excited to get my BFF! When will it be here?

We get asked this a lot! it can range anywhere from 2-10 working days -  purely due to the sheer volume of orders we get for these in usually a small time frame (they often sell out in a couple of days, sometimes in a matter of minutes). So bare this in mind if you are purchasing other products alongside the BFF



Can I return my BFF?

Yes, of course. If the BFF isn't your cup of tea, drop us a message or email and we can arrange a return - our returns procedure is available in our FAQ on the main menu.



The most important thing about the BFF is to ENJOY it and be CREATIVE!!