We are the 'sparkliest' and fluffiest people you will meet...

No, we mean it.. we are covered in glitter and faux fur daily

This is because we are a team of fabric loving craftaholics who work to bring you the best quality materials to help feed your need for a fabric crafty fix. It is no secret, we know you are just as addicted to all things pretty as much as we are. It is why you are here (your secret is safe), and it is why Jolif was created!

In 2017, mum and daughter team decided that actually it is a fabulous idea for a parent and (adult) child to form a team and defy the odds that we could do this with out the usual parent and child bickering (of course, we still have our moments... lets be realistic) to fulfill our dream to bring not only an online fabric and embroidery shop, but to build a sense of community surrounding like minded people.    

We started in our bare warehouse with less than 150 different products (our first aim, to justify having a warehouse in the first instance)  and today offer 1000s of fabrics, embroidery items, embellishments and so much more! Our one 10 needle embroidery machine multiplied itself into 6 machines, and as we start developing our Printing House too with state of the art UV printing machinery - I think its fair to say we are starting to feel like our first aim is ticked off. 

We have an incredible, hard working team who have since joined us and share our passion for all things beautiful... which is pretty incredible!  

Our mission is to bring together the world through the art of crafting, with a little bit of extra sparkle!