Beautiful Featured Fabrics

your monthly crafty fix!

So you have heard them talking... "I can't wait to get the BFF" or "my alarm is set", but what are they going on about? Since the first launch of the surprise monthly Beautiful Featured Fabric (BFF) bundle, released in March 2018, we have watched it flourish into one of the most exciting products we offer. The buzz builds as we lead up to the launch day, usually the last Friday or there abouts of each month and we thrive off the excitement as you set your alarms ready for that 8pm launch!


What do I get?

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Exclusive access

Be one of the first to get your hands on a selection of brand new products not currently available to purchase in store - at an amazing one off price!

Each month the BFF includes

  • 5 theme coordinating fabrics such as artisan leatherette, transparent or glitter
  • Brand new Jolif Original embroidery product/s
  • A selection of coordinating extras, such as embellishments, ribbons and iron on vinyls

    (Customer photo demonstrating the February 2020 themed BFF - photo and product credit to Urban Môr)
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The BFF currently costs £12.99 (excluding postage). This price is subject to change but we will always update information prior to launch accordingly. The value of the products you get does vary, but it usually is in the region of £20-22 (so that is a pretty good saving!!).

The launch day can vary slightly, we usually try to stick to the last or First Friday of each month. However we will always keep the product itself updated with the accurate information. Once purchased, we dispatch them out in 7-14 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays!)

At the top of this page, you will see a button 'buy this months BFF' - this will take you directly to the product. It will say sold out until the stated launch day and time, and once it has sold out for that month, no more can be purchased until the next launch. These are limited edition, and purchased on a first come first served basis. 

Due to the speed these often sell out, and their popularity, we kindly ask you to limit your purchase to one per person. If there are some left after the initial launch, then of course you may pop back to purchase again (but please give others a chance to get one).