How to use our coloured transfers 


What you need:  Iron, Greaseproof paper, hard flat surface (NOT ironing board) 


  1.  Cut around the transfer that you want to use, leaving the clear plastic cover in place and removing the white reverse paper. 
  2. Place your fabric on a hard  flat surface, covering the surface with something suitable to protect it e.g. pillowcase.  Put your iron onto a high heat setting and turn off any steam. 
  3. Place the transfer onto your fabric* into position and cover both the transfer and the clear film with greaseproof paper. 
  4. Place the iron onto the greaseproof paper for approx. 20 secs, pressing down firmly. 
  5. When the clear plastic has cooled carefully peel off from the transfer.  If the transfer lifts, then repeat step 4. 
  6. Once the plastic has been removed, just place the greaseproof paper back onto the transfer and press once more briefly with the iron just to set the transfer. 


*These transfers are made for cotton and polyester type fabric, so we cannot guarantee success on all types of fabric.  Although we have used them successfully on felt, fine glitter, glitter felt, and some leatherettes.  You need to check that any fabric you use can withstand the heat on the high setting.  

We cannot be held responsible for any mishaps whilst you use the transfers.