Clip Cosy Instructions

To insert the clip into the clip cover-

 After cutting out the clip from the strip and trimming any loose threads on the back, turn the clip cover over to the back. Lay your clip evenly within the stitching line, and using a seam ripper or something similar, make a tiny hole in the felt just inside the stitching which aligns with where the prong joins the solid end (see pic). Then use a small sharp pair of scissors to continue to cut a slit across the width of the cover. This cut is made within the stitching line – do not cut stitching!!! You also want to try to cut just the top layer of felt, not through the stabilizer as well.





You will then have something that looks like this….

Snap open your clip and slide it into the cover as shown.

You then have two options –


You can either leave it like it is (in which case I would recommend a small dob of glue behind the solid end to hold it firm) - OR -

You can cover the exposed end. Slide the barrette/clip into the cover as far as it goes, (keeping the clip snapped open makes it a bit easier). Gently pull back the end,and grab the “hood” with your fingertips/nails.    Gently    pull    this “hood” over the end.

Finger press the felt back into shape and flat against the clip. Try not to stretch the felt too much – just enough to get it over the end of clip. You can add a small dob of glue under the hood if desired. It will then look like this…