Sometimes you just need that something extra! And what better than a 3D popping, fluttering, beautifully embroidered dragonfly! Not every design we stitch out do we create ourselves. We stumbled across this absolute beauty and knew it would fit perfectly within our store.  Take a close look at the dragon fly embroidered bow topper (or use it within other crafts also!) and see just how easy this is to assemble.

These are available to purchase in our shop from 20.07.20

What you will need

Your dragonfly. Obviously...

Sharp Scissors. Preferably a small pair, or which ever you find are best for intricate and stead cutting - they must be sharp! 

Stitch ripper.

Material for your centre piece We used a gold mirror vinyl leatherette, available to purchase in our shop!

Hot Glue 

What you will get

As with all of our embroidery items, they arrive stitched out and uncut. You will receive two parts for your Dragonfly Bow Topper. With a sharp pair of scissors cut around the outer stitch, nice and close but not too close to accidentally snip one of the stitches. Tip: Move the embroidery item when cutting, not your scissors. This will give you a neater finish!

Now your dragonfly is cut out...

One you have cut both parts for your dragonfly, you need to prepare each section so it can be assembled and attached to whatever it is you are attaching it to (such as a hand made bow). Each part has two rectangles, and you need to carefully make a slit within each rectangle - you are best using a stitch ripper for this.

Put your dragonfly together!

For this step, it is probably wise to choose a material which isn't floppy such as felt and you may struggle with a thick fabric such as chunky glitter. We made a centre strip (just a little narrower than 1cm wide) using our mirror leatherette vinyl in gold. Fine glitter would work, metallic leatherette, the smooth leatherette. 

Cut each end to a point (as shown in the first photo below). This will allow you to feed your centre strips through the slits you made). With your smaller set of wings, feed each end of your centre strip through each slit and do the same again for the bigger set of wings. 

Once you are happy with the position of your centre strip, you can now attach it straight onto a clip or headband, or wrap it like you usually would around a bow as demonstrated below! 

If you want your top wings to 'pop' up a little bit more, just use your hot glue gun and place a blob of glue right in between where your two layers sit on each side... hold the wings apart whilst the glue sets dry!

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