We are so excited to bring Sherpa  to Jolif. In this post we will talk all about this gorgeous fabric, alongside its sister fabric, the Teddy Sherpa. 

With winter fast approaching, there is nothing better than winter warming, cosy and woolly fabrics! And although this fabric is not new to the UK, the options are sparse. So we are over the moon to bring you this premium quality medium curl fabric!. 

What is Sherpa?

This material was named after the Sherpa Tibetan people of Nepal, as it closely resembles the lining of the clothing worn by the tribes!  Sometimes, you may hear this fabric called 'faux shearling'. 

Our Sherpa merely mimics that of the wool-lined clothing of the Tibetan tribes and is made from 100% polyester. 

Our Sherpa is incredibly soft to touch, made with a medium curl (as oppose to a tight, fleece like curl) which gives it a very luxurious finish. The underside is a soft woven knit, offering a 2-way stretch. But please note, the 2 way stretch is still minimal. 

What can I make with it?

So you have received your Sherpa. Now what?

It will be messy when you cut into it.. be prepared to be covered in woolly Sherpa. But once you get going, you will soon see just how easy this fabric is to work with.

Sherpa fabric lends itself to so many projects. So far with our own Sherpa, we have seen head wraps and bows, vintage styled teddy bears and cushions! It makes amazing clothing and more.. add embellishments and glitter.. or if you are feeling extra creative, layer this with our Bullet Fabric and make a double sided head wrap.  

Shop soft fabrics here, including our Teddy Curl fabric! 

Both fabrics albeit similar, are beautiful in their own right. However, they both offer something different too!


  • Lighter than Sherpa
  • Tighter curl, making the fabric thinner
  • This is a 'flatter' fabric, less messy 
  • 4 way stretch - one way is more stretchy than another


  • Thicker and higher GSM - very luxurious 
  • Bigger curl making it more cuddly!
  • Fluffier and shredding whilst cutting
  • 2 way stretch - not as stretchy as Teddy

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