Felicity Bow

April 2020

How to assemble your Felicity Bow

So you have purchased the Felicty Bow die, template or SVG digital download, you have cut it out using your favourite fabrics... now what? Admittedly, this bow is not as straight forward as your typical Felt-Better Dolly bow or our Tilda bow shape. But trust us, once you get it, after a little bit of practice you will wonder why you never found it this easy in the first place. The plan is to offer you a tutorial video, but during the lockdown as a result of Covid-19, it is proving impossible to film a video without a child shouting "mum will you come play on the trampoline with me!?" or for the older two to be yelling about whos turn it is next to play Roblox! So, we have for now at least, left you some pretty pictures and written explanation.

You will need:
All three bow parts - loops, tails and centre piece already precut
Two thin strips of felt
Hot Glue
Crocodile clip or headband  

Step 1 & 2

Get the loop part you have created with your fabric, and place it face down. Using hot glue, pull both loop ends into the middle and secure as show in the photo above. 

Once your loop ends are secure, in the middle of the bow loops, carefully fold over and secure with hot glue the top and bottom. Don't fold over too much, you only need about half a cm. 

Step 3 and 4

Now you can pick up your loops, and with them facing you pinch it together as shown above (left picture). Secure with a little blob of hot glue - you may notice with leatherette or shiny smooth fabrics, hot glue will not hold.  

To keep your loops in this pinched position, use a thin piece of felt to wrap around your loops, and secure with hot glue. 

Step 4 & 5

You now need to make your tails. With them facing down, in the middle of your tails turn over and secure with hot glue the top and bottom - approximately half a cm. 

As with your loops, pick the tails up and with them facing you pinch it together.

Step 5 & 6

With a thin piece of felt, wrap it around your pinched tails and secure with hot glue

You are now ready to secure your loops to your tails. Before adding any glue, just place them together, check how it will look and ensure you are happy. You may have to do a little bit of adjusting until you are happy with how the loops sit on top of the tails.

Step 7 & 8

Once you are happy, apply hot glue on the top of the felt of your tails - not the front, it must be the top. Align with the felt from your loops and press together until secure. This is another reason the felt is good - felt glues to felt really well, leatherette and some other fabrics can be tricky!

Now you can wrap and secure your pre-cut centre strip from your chosen fabric. Add a little blob of glue to the middle of the front of your bow and position your centre wrap and tightly wrap it around your bow - add your crocodile clip, headband etc and then secure the rest of the centre wrap with more hot glue. 

DON'T expect a miricle, it may take a few attempts - but once you get it, you get it. And it is a beautiful and very elegant bow shape..so it is worth the initial headache!

The Original Felicity Pinch Bow Die & Template - Jolif The Craft Shop
The Original Felicity Pinch Bow Die & Template - Jolif The Craft Shop

The Original Felicity Pinch Bow Die & Template


Purchase the die and template here! 

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