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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just a little note about items you may be looking for but can't find anywhere on our website (but you know they was there before!) 

    Items which are no longer in stock will vanish from our website, we believe this creates a more positive experience when browsing as there is nothing worse that seeing a product you so desperatly want/need but it says out of stock. It can be deflating and frustrating. It also creates a tidier looking website, enabling you to focus on what is in stock!

    Some of our products are extremely popular, and whilst we try to order what we believe is more than enough, sometimes we unexpetedly sell out within the same day as listing it. We will intend on bringing these products back into stock where possible and as quickly as we can. So please bare with us!

    Currently, this particularly applies to our gorgeous rainbow Unicorn Mane faux fur - it WILL be back, and we will keep customers as informed as we can. The best place for updates is via our social media (instagram and facebook).


    Thank you! xoxo